A Dead Art: Examples of obituaries

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Below are some examples of creative obituaries written for folks across the country. Feel free to use these as a form of inspiration!

The art of the obituary: Death of the captain

“Captain Donald Alexander Malcolm Jr., 60, died Feb. 28, 2015, nestled in the bosom of his family, while smoking, drinking whiskey and telling lies.”

One more chance to be let down

“[Scott E. Entsminger] respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.”

Mary A. “Pink” Mullaney

“If you’re about to throw away an old pair of pantyhose, stop.”

Harry Stamps

“Finally, the family asks that in honor of Harry that you write your Congressman and ask for the repeal of Day Light Saving Time. Harry wanted everyone to get back on the Lord’s Time.”

Raymond Alan “Big Al” Brown

“He despised canned cranberry sauce, wearing shorts, cigarette butts in his driveway, oatmeal, loud-mouth know-it-alls, Tabasco sauce, reality TV shows, and anything to do with the Kardashians.”

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